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Explore underwater world of indonesia - Komodo and raja ampat islands

Indonesia is a huge and varied country above and below water. Within it's borders, Indonesia boasts more than 15,000 islands, most of them uninhabited, and many barely explored. Indonesia is one place that has the richest marine biodiversity in the world, have more species of fish and coral reefs than in other regions.

The vast expanses of island dotted tropical ocean are only now opening up to regular liveaboard trips. Indonesia Liveaboards have investigated number of liveaboard options in Indonesia ranging from short diving and sailing trips around Komodo and to full blown adventure cruises around the islands of Raja Ampat - West Papua, Indonesia.


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Komodo Liveaboard Dive Cruise

Diving in Komodo national park is an unforgettable experience, world-class diving in Indonesia. See Komodo dragon on land and enjoy the beauty of underwater world komodo, your eyes will be pampered by variety of unspoiled coral reefs, fish from small to large, and pelagic fishes ...

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Raja Ampat Diving Liveaboard

Diving liveaboard in the largest marine national park in Indonesia and most bio-diverse marine region on earth. If you serious about scuba diving and snorkeling, Raja Ampat is the great place to try. You will never forget the experience you'll find here ...

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